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Top 5 Strategies to Make your Personal Brand

Personal Branding is a concept that is not new to nobody. The concept has been in and around since ages, 1937 to be precise. People have known it by various names, self-positioning and individual branding just to name a few. Limited just to the stars in the entertainment industry in the early times, today thanks to the internet age personal branding is a widespread phenomenon and has seeped into all the sectors be it business or marketing. Experts and the industry giants have time and again been using various methods to promote themselves and their skills and develop a brand for themselves.

Now if you are looking to how you can develop your own personal brand and make a name out of yourself, here are a few methods that you can use to develop your skills and make a brand of yourself.

1. Assessment: The first and the most important step before creating a branding strategy for yourself is the assessment. Analyse every single aspect about yourself in your surrounding as well as on the internet. Below is a list of few questions that would set you on a correct path and help you make a successful personal branding strategy See where you stand,

Who are your current followers?
What is your target audience?
What is it that you can specifically offer them?
How are you going to offer the information, knowledge or service?
What is your social media presence?
Which platform are you most comfortable with?

Do a complete SWOT analysis for it would actually help you prepare for whatever this is going to be coming your way and effective develop your brand. Once you are done with the assessment you can very well make it out as to what brand value you see for yourself and it would help in strategically developing your brand.

2. Connect, Connect, Connect: Now that you have made a complete analysis, you need to just get out and start developing connections. The first and the most important step of personal branding is connection. The more people you connect and engage with the more your brand is going to expand.

Social Media is an effective tool to work on this. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter are some of the most popular social media channels with billions of regular users. Connect with people, engage, share your thoughts. For every person you connect and help is going to bring five more connections with you. Start developing your social web. Share your expertise and try to be help of any kind to them, it is the most effective method to get your brand out for every happy connection is going to organically promote you.

LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with business professionals and an effective LinkedIn strategy can make wonders for your brand. Facebook and twitter are the effective social media channels to get the word out and increase sincere engagements with your followers.

3. Focus on Your Content: The basis of any successful personal branding is content. The content that you are going to share is going to determine the amount of engagement that you are going to get on your social platforms, thus engaging content is really necessary. Look for your strengths when it comes to creating content. Experiment with various forms of content, blogs, podcasts, infographics, webinars and many more and find your area of expertise. Once that’s done it’s all about putting the best content out and you can see engagements developing on it.

The most important step associated with content creation is content promotion. The content must have a widespread outreach and must have be visible to all your target audience. Use social media, content sharing platforms, emails, newsletters, and effective Search Engine Optimization to get the maximum visibility on your content.

4. Get a Website: A website is your and your brand’s face on the internet. Get a responsive website with designs that reflects your brand and its values. Make the website as engaging at it can be. Invest in various technology. Share valuable content. Make it Search Engine Optimization ready. Your website is going to be your passport in the world of effective personal brand.

Share news about yourself and your brand. Share experiences and reach out to your audience and give them an exclusive platform to engage with you.

5. Invest In Digital Marketing: Now that you have got your website ready, your content ready, your social media ready it’s time that you invest in digital marketing. Use organic search engine optimization and social media optimization to improve your search engine presence. Work on keyword research to make your content SEO ready and more relevant. Optimize your visual content as per the crawler algorithms. Use email and newsletter marketing to always be in touch with your followers and communicate with them. In today’s digitally connected world an effective digital marketing strategy is a must to harness the full potential of the internet to develop your brand.

Above are some of the methods that you need to keep in mind to effectively develop your personal brand using social media and internet. In our subsequent articles we are going to shed some more details on how you can effective use various mediums to develop your brand. For more information write us