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Why is Search Engine Optimization Important for Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization is the burning topic that is on every Digital Marketers’ mind and lips. But, what exactly is search engine optimization? How is it useful? Why must you get search engine optimization done for your business? What is the correct SEO method? And so on are the few questions that comes to every businessman’s mind. Here we are going to answer a few of them and let you in on what exactly is Search Engine Optimization.
Let’s start from the basics.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are those websites that we use on regular basis to conduct searches or research over the internet. An average human being conducts at least 15 to 20 different searches over any of the search engines to get answers to his queries. There are a number of web search engines or rather search engines in general that anybody uses like google, bing, yahoo or AOL to name a few popular ones. These search engines have their own set of algorithms often known as web crawlers that read and record information available over the internet, the process is often known as crawling. Once this data is recorded it is then indexed and ranked depending upon relevance, quality and also the genuinity, this process is often known as Search Engine Ranking.

Every search engine has a different algorithm and thus the results may vary in their Search Engine Result Pages and same is for different keywords though relating to the same context.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as “SEO” is a process of organically improving the rank of any website or content for specific keywords in the search engine result pages of various search engines. The process of surfaced in the mid-1990s and since then has seen an ever-growing popularity among marketers and businesses. Today, Search Engine Optimization has become an intricate part of any digital marketing process or campaign that is done for any business.

SEO is often done for specific keywords or set of keywords relevant for an organization that is often pre decided depending upon the product or the service that the organization provides.

The whole agenda of Search engine optimization is gain visibility on various search engines, for their potential customers to identify them.

How Search Engine Optimization is Beneficial for Your Business?

Today, when the whole world is connected digitally via internet on their devices SEO makes a big difference for any business. Let me ask you a question? If you need information about something or someplace what is the first thing you do? You google it right! Now it is customary for anybody who uses search engines, they often rely on the first few results. Well this is why search engine optimization is important, for people to know about you and your business they must be able to find you on the search engines. If they are not able to you are indirectly losing most of potential customers and surely in this competitive world you won’t want that for your business.

Thus, in this competitive world where businesses are putting on tough fights and relying upon various methods to promote themselves Search Engine can be a very effective weapon.

How to do Search Engine Optimization?

Now that it is quite relevant how important SEO is for your business, the biggest question coming into your mind is how to do SEO. Well SEO is a complex process involving a series of activities. But certainly there are a few thing that is needed to be done first before launching a full-fledged campaign for your organization. Here are the most important pre requisites of a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign.

1. Keyword Research – The first and the most important part of any SEO is keyword research. Keywords are the phrases or a string of relevant words that people use to search about anything on search engines. Now to be able to improve your SERP ranking you must identify the keywords that are relevant your business for targeting the audience that are going to become your future customers. Now there are various methods and tools available to do keyword research out of which webmaster and good analytic are the most widely used ones.

2. Content Update – The second step and the most crucial one is the step in which you need to update all the content on your website and social profiles to include those keywords relevant to you. Remember, crawlers look for keywords and often rank websites according to them. So, all of your content has to be SEO ready. The other important factors to look after are uniqueness and quality of the content that you put for it would help in improving your rank in SERP.

3. Mobile Ready– With the advent of Mobile technology the masses are shifting from their bulky desktops and laptops to their mobile phones for their day to day internet activities, so are the search engines and their crawlers. Now, the search engines rank the data on the basis of mobile compatibility too. Thus, before starting a SEO campaign you need to make sure that all of your content and the website is responsive and mobile ready.

Once you are done with the pre requisites, you are ready to being with the SEO process for your website and the business. You can get yourself an expert you help you through the process and make your process a faster and a more effective one.

In our following blogs we would be explaining you in details how to successfully launch a SEO campaign and see it through. For more information contact us at info@vestrosmedia.com.